Frequently Asked Questions

What can I finance?

Axiom Capital finances a broad range of new or used equipment and technology for commercial use including: computer hardware and software, office furniture, industrial equipment, commercial vehicles, medical equipment and more. We also offer working capital loans for nearly any business purpose.

What terms are available?

Axiom Capital offers leasing and financing agreements up to $2 million with terms up to 84 months. We also offer working capital loans up to $250,000 with flexible terms.

Can I include soft costs and services?

You may finance 100% of the soft costs, up to 30% of the total amount being financed. These soft costs and services might include delivery, installation, tax, maintenance and other expenses.

What information will I need to provide on the credit application?

The credit application will list all of the items that you need to provide including the following: information about the vendor or equipment supplier and your general business information including legal business name and address, contact name for the person executing the lease, guarantor information, estimated equipment cost or total estimated finance amount, and the equipment location.

What factors are used to determine credit worthiness?

The length of time in business, bank and financing references, business and credit bureau ratings are all used in the decisioning process. In order to offer the best products to our customers and offer processing efficiency, Axiom Capital utilizes third-party databases to acquire sufficient credit information during the application process.

Why did you request my personal guaranty?

Personal guarantors are typically required on closely-held companies to qualify for credit.

What is an authorized signature?

An officer of the company is often required to contractually obligate the company. The authority given an authorized signor is usually given by the board of directors or other governing body of the company, as reflected in a written resolution of that governing body.

Are there application fees?

Axiom Capital does not charge an application fee. Once your application has been approved, we do, however, charge a one-time documentation fee for processing and expenses related to credit reports, UCC filings, etc.

When is my first payment due and what is pro-rated charge?

Your payment obligation begins when we make payment for the equipment, also sometimes referred to as the commencement date. The pro-rated charge covers the interim period between the commencement date and the first due date of your regular billing cycle. The amount of the pro-rated charge is calculated as 1/30th of the regular scheduled payment amount, multiplied by the number of days in the interim period. Any advanced payments you might have paid will be applied to cover the regular scheduled payments and not the pro-rated charge. For more information, you may refer to the payments section of your agreement.

What are my options if I want to pay the account off early?

Although there is no contractual right to pre-pay, if you are not in default we can agree to an early termination upon your written request. The payoff amount will be calculated using a present value rate to discount the future payments due under the agreement, and there is no additional penalty or fee.

Do I need to insure the equipment?

If you are required to maintain insurance on the equipment or vehicle you will receive an email and a letter outlining the requirements and provide you with instructions on what to do if you already have insurance. We also offer automatic insurance where the equipment will be covered automatically under Axiom Capital’s insurance if you don’t provide your own insurance. Under Axiom Capital’s policy, you will be billed for the expenses.

What factors are you taking into account?

We are not focusing on your credit score as there is much more to your businesses health than that. We look at time in business, location, industry type, cash flow history, etc. We work with each business owner on a ‘one on one’ basis. We have helped thousands of business owners with less than perfect FICO scores. We’ve helped business that just started 1 month ago, those that are still in bankruptcy, those with tax liens, etc. The only thing we cannot do is help the business that is only an idea- we are not venture capitalists in that sense. You need to be in business. If the answer to that is a yes then let’s get started! Unfortunately, we cannot help personal loan inquiries at this time.